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Customer Service is Everything

At Gardon Securities, we feel that people should not settle when it comes to security. Our team of technicians are desirous about what they do. We install state of the art products to help meet our customers needed.


24/7 Alarm Monitoring

From your Cottage, to your warehouse, or anything in between, Gardon Security has you covered.

Control Your Alarm Wherever You Go

Whether you need a new alarm or have an existing alarm, Gardon Securities can provide you with more control than ever before. Our new Alarm App, it gives you the option to control many different devices in your home or business, through the convenience of one single app.

Don't Have A Phone Line?

Gardon Securities offers Wireless Alarm Monitoring for clients without a home phone. Like ourselves, many of our clients are trying to save on their monthly expenses. For example, they are now canceling their phone line and just using their cell phone as their primary phone.

Fire Panel Monitoring

Most buildings have some form of a fire panel or fire notifier system. However, fire panels themselves do not have a means of calling out in an emergency or in case of fire. Gardon Security’s technicians can install equipment necessary to actively monitor your existing fires panel equipment.

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